Sharpening Boomerang

Boomerang Sharpening uses machines with digital controls computer-assisted which allow a production of complex tools which require a high level of accuracy and precision.

The use of these advanced machines assures a product of top quality for a long lasting life.

Aiguisage Boomerang

Boomerang Sharpening cumulates more than 100 years of experience and knowledge to answer all your needs in sharpening, repair, conception and manufacturing of cutting tools.

Our research and development department people are committed to offer you a technical support and will know how to resolve all your problems related to your cutting needs.

A free picking and delivery service is at your disposition.

Cutting tools for wood, metal, glass and paper, etc.

  • H.S.S. and carbide circular saw blades
  • Carbide groover
  • Carbide router bits
  • H.S.S. and carbide milling
  • H.S.S. and carbide drills
  • H.S.S. and carbide planer blades
  • Print shop blade and shear
  • Miscellaneous blades and knives such as scissors, standard knives, handsaws, etc.
  • Specialized cutting tools.

Knives, cutting rods and lubricants supplier.