Ecological ProgramEcological Program

Hole Saw

Our BOOMERANG TOOLS program adheres to the 3R principle: reduce, reuse and recycle. Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of all our products.

Together, we can make a difference!



What is 3R?


1) REDUCE: BOOMERANG TOOLS uses minimum packaging required to protect the product and the user when handling. All our packaging is recyclable.


2) REUSE: BOOMERANG TOOLS products, being of high quality, can be reused many times.


3) RECYCLE: When the product has reached the end of its life, bring it back and get either $1, $5 or $20 off your next purchase of a BOOMERANG TOOLS product.


Let’s Reduce our Ecological Footprint!

Hole Saw
Circular Saw Blade
Diamond Blade
Drill Bit
Reciprocating Saw Blade
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Ecological Program
Boomerang Tools Inc. is proud to help the Canadian Wildlife Federation

The used tool will be sent to a local metal recycling plant to be processed. Proceeds from this operation will be donated to the Canadian Wildlife Federation.